Flow is the easiest way to hang out online
with friends and new buddies

Talk and react
while listening to
music podcast live streaming

“Let's 💬 with cool ambient music 🎹”

“Having fun playing guess the voice 🎤 😹 🙈”

Just grab a seat in a flow or start your own!

You can see a flow as the online audio version of living rooms, bars or shows


Super easy
Instantly pop into a flow

Interact with friends, new buddies and your favorite FLOWers

It’s like you are in the same room


Join or start a flow


Add external audio content to the conversation. Flow synchronizes it for all


Talk and react through emoji sounds

Flow's Mechanism

Engage on anything that is fun, exciting and entertaining

Creativity is the only limit!

Bring your audio experience to the next level

We are currently in beta version

Your feedback is more than welcome!